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Amid criticism, Western tourists returning to a battered Syria

Sumary of Amid criticism, Western tourists returning to a battered Syria:

  • Criticism of such journeys has mounted abroad, particularly in 2019 following a brief improvement of Western tourism and the prove flood of videos and blogs by travel influencers.
  • Placeholder while nonfiction acts loadBEIRUT — Standing high on the castle-like partitions of Aleppo’s historic citadel, Nick White was shocked by the harm to the municipality.
  • The medieval fortification is surrounded by a heavy trench and steep partitions, with the unshared entrance through an aged stone bridge resting atop high columns.
  • Lebanese spy chief says U.S. wants his help freeing Americans in Syria James Willcox, the founder of Britain-based travel agency Untamed Borders, said travelers continue their visits to the country give Syrians an awareness that some things, at least, are slowly going back to normal.

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