Annastacia Palaszczuk said border closure would take ‘very, very, very large outbreak’

annastacia palaszczuk said border closure would take very very very large outbreak

The Queensland Premier has revealed whether the state will remain open to its southern neighbours in the wake of a new virus case.

NSW Health is scrambling to determine how the woman, who worked across two hotels in Sydney, contracted the virus.

It has sent out urgent contact tracing details for public transport routes as investigations continue.

Speaking on the Today show on Friday, the Queensland Premier said her chief health officer was in close contact with her NSW counterpart, and the border would remain open at this stage.

Camera IconAnnastacia Palaszczuk said it would take a ‘very, very, very large outbreak’ to shut an entire state out again. Credit: Channel 9

“I don’t think we should be too concerned at this stage. Our chief health officers are speaking regularly, and they’re very happy with the contact tracing that is happening at the moment,” she said.

“We are watching it carefully to see if it turns into a cluster outbreak. At the moment, no need for any concern from anyone.

“So continue with your plans. We’re monitoring it closely, and if anything changes we will let people know.”

Queensland only opened its borders to millions of Sydney residents on Tuesday after locking them out of the Sunshine State since August.

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