Apr 11, Changing CFP Franc Coins Into Bills

apr 11 changing cfp franc coins into bills

I am visiting Tahiti and Bora Bora in December. I have 32,911 CFP Francs (XPF), all in coins (mostly 100XPF and 50XPF coins). The coins weigh 5kg / 11lb, currently worth $440AUD / $341USD.

I will spend this money during our trip (and more!) but I am looking for some efficiencies on how to handle so much coin. My initial thought was that I could change the coins into bills at a bank but apparently in French Polynesia this cannot be done for non-customers (not even for a fee).

In Australia we have gambling machines called poker machines/slot machines. You can feed them a lot of coins, then just “cash out” to receive bills. Do these type of machines exist in French Polynesia? Are there gambling casinos there? (I am not a gambler, this is just an idea I had for changing coins).

Friends have suggested simply spending all the coins. Can you tell me how much shop keepers, taxi drivers etc. will accept in coins? Is there a limit?

I am also curious to know whether there are any vending machines in French Polynesia e.g. for Coca-Cola or beer or whatever. That would allow me to get rid of some of the smaller value coins.

Perhaps you have some other innovative ideas on how I could handle this problem?

Bora Bora Island Guide’s response:Hi Paul,What an interesting situation! While your poker machine idea is a great one, there isn’t much gambling in French Polynesia…

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