Beverly and Dereck Joubert share some of their stunning images as they strive to stop poaching

beverly and dereck joubert share some of their stunning images as they strive to stop poaching

‘Death is generally delivered in low-tech mechanics, and sadly that is brutal. Bullets, saws, machetes. Your imagination can fill in the horrors.’

Legendary wildlife filmmakers and photographers Beverly and Dereck Joubert, both National Geographic explorers-in-residence who have specialised in African photography and filmmaking for around 35 years, are telling MailOnline Travel about the chilling reality of the poaching industry.

They continue: ‘The addition of some helicopters into South African rhino poaching ventures into the higher-tech but generally poaching is like a steady march of army ants – deadly and never-ending, with techniques that don’t evolve much. Cell phones have changed their ability to communicate, so that is another “advancement” of tech for poaching.’

Tense: A fierce lioness on the prowl in Botswana, with the herd of buffalo she’s stalking standing its ground 

Poaching has been part of humankind’s assault on the animal kingdom and the pair reveal that in the 35 or so years they’ve been filming and photographing it, they’ve seen a huge decline in numbers.

They say: ‘[We have seen] very disturbing and massive declines in wildlife in our lifetimes…

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