Big change coming to Qantas

big change coming to qantas

Sumary of Big change coming to Qantas:

  • Qantas is offering more than 13 million people the opportunity to cash in with a world-first new initiative.
  • Qantas is ramping up its promise to be a sustainable airline, offering its more than 13 million frequent flyer members the chance to cash in by making a few simple changes.
  • While other airlines do offer customers extra perks and rewards for choosing to be environmentally conscious in the air, Qantas is the first in the world to reward people for being sustainable at home.
  • The six areas customers can choose sustainability in are flying, travel, lifestyle, sustainable purchases, reducing impact and giving back.
  • While the program doesn’t kick off until February next year, any environmentally friendly moves customers make now will count towards them hitting the tier.
  • Some of the things customers need to do to hit the Green Tier include offsetting their flights, home and car, installing solar panels or making contributions towards offsetting programs or organisations that work towards protecting things like the Great Barrier Reef and our natural wonders.

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