Bike-Friendliness Of Europe’s Trains Ranked By Cyclists’ Federation

bike friendliness of europes trains ranked by cyclists federation

Sumary of Bike-Friendliness Of Europe’s Trains Ranked By Cyclists’ Federation:

  • A new report analysed and ranked 69 European train companies and services for ease of combined .
  • To make it easier — for local commuters as well as vacationers — a new report ranked 69 European train companies and services based on how bike-friendly they are.
  • Swedish and Spanish high-speed and international rail operators performed the worst.
  • “Cyclists love trains: An analysis of the bicycle friendliness of European railway operators” was released earlier this month by the European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF), an umbrella group of organizations that advocates to improve cycling and promote it as a sustainable and healthy way to get around — for transportation and for leisure.
  • “We know that cyclists all over Europe increasingly want to be able to take their bicycles with them on trains,” the federation said in a statement, “yet, there is much room for further improvement.
  • ” “Taking a bicycle across Europe on a long-distance journey is often not a convenient or enjoyable experience, but rather an arduous one punctuated by many connections on slow regional and local services,” the report stated.

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