Black Tomato On How It Is Embracing Travel Through Children’s Stories

black tomato on how it is embracing travel through childrens stories

Who hasn’t been inspired by an imaginative story? Who hasn’t travelled to new places through the pages of a book? Of course, the whole point of many novels – particularly for children – is to spark the imagination, allowing us to travel into new worlds, explore unseen spheres and giving us endless possibilities. 

Alice in Wonderland is the inspiration from one of the new experiences.

(Credit: Shutterstock)

Launching today is an innovative travel offering from Black Tomato, which is based on this very notion. Take Me On A Story is a collection of five immersive – and bespoke – travel itineraries, inspired by children’s stories, and all set in the destinations that form the backdrop to the iconic tales.

As part of the Alaska itinerary, you can explore Denali National Park.

(Credit: Black Tomato)

The luxury travel company is renowned for its immersive and cutting-edge travel experiences, and comments: “Travel has the power to inspire and educate children of all ages and now, more than ever, it is a perfect antidote to long months of home-schooling and shuttered lives. At Black Tomato, our clients’ needs drive our innovation, and in our mission to unearth meaningful experiences that engage children and reignite a passion for learning, we’ve launched Take Me On A Story…

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