Boeing is under F.A.A. scrutiny over reports that it may hamper oversight.

boeing is under f a a scrutiny over reports that it may hamper oversight

Sumary of Boeing is under F.A.A. scrutiny over reports that it may hamper oversight.:

  • The Federal Aviation Administration is looking into Boeing’s corporate culture, which an agency official said “appears to hamper” Boeing employees responsible for providing oversight, raising safety concerns and otherwise representing the agency’s interests.
  • ’s review was based on a recent survey of a few dozen of the 1,400 Boeing employees who work on the agency’s behalf through a program called Organization Designation Authorization.
  • Boeing’s structure appears “to provide a strong influence” over how those employees are appointed, managed and allowed to work, he said, providing “ample opportunity for interference rather than independence.
  • The agency’s reliance on company employees to review regulatory compliance has been criticized as allowing the aviation industry to police itself.
  • Last week’s letter was based on a survey of 32 employees in May and June.
  • Nearly a dozen workers complained or shared stories that suggested Boeing had made it difficult for them to act with independence, the agency said.

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