Book England’s Seaside Heritage from the Air showcases yesteryear photos of popular seaside re …

book englands seaside heritage from the air showcases yesteryear photos of popular seaside resorts

Thanks to magnificent men in their flying machines, we can see the coastal England of yesteryear from a mesmerising perspective.

New book England’s Seaside Heritage from the Air, written by Historic England’s tourism history expert Allan Brodie, features over 150 photographs of England’s best-loved seaside resorts.

The pictures were taken between the 1920s and 1950s and are courtesy of the Aerofilms Collection, created by pioneering aerial survey company Aerofilms Ltd, which was formed in 1919 by First World War veterans.

Brodie said that the lockdown made delving into the Aerofilms Collection, acquired by Historic England in 2007, all the more exciting.

He said: ‘While writing this book, locked down and unable to visit the seaside, it was a pleasure to wander along England’s coast via the thousands of images in the collection. The photographs in the book hopefully capture the joys of our coastal resorts, including some fascinating features that alas no longer survive, as well as passing moments in the story of our seaside holidays.’

Scroll down and with this selection of images from the tome time-travel to paddle steamers docking on the Essex coast and Blackpool Tower when it was a ‘Wonderland of the World’…

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