Bordeaux Wine Vintage 2020 Completes A Winning Hat Trick

bordeaux wine vintage 2020 completes a winning hat trick


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A hat trick is defined as three successes of a similar kind within a limited period. It often applies to sports—three goals in a row, three successive car racing wins. The term originates from a 19th century cricketer’s trio of successes: his fans, in celebratory unison, pooled funds to buy him a hat.

If a hat tick can apply to agriculture, than it applies to the last three Bordeaux vintages of 2018, 2019 and 2020. This trio of constitute a stellar assembly that showcases the overall approachable elegance and easy drinking characteristics of Bordeaux wines. Reading about vintages from, say, early to mid 1800’s highlights how historically any Bordeaux decade was fortunate to have four decent vintages, whereas in the past decade the region has had at least six. Partially this is due to improvements in viticulture and winemaking techniques, and partially it is due to climate adjustments.

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Consider, for example, a book published in London in 1846 by Charles Cocks, titled Bordeaux: Its Wines, and the Claret Country…

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