Bukit Batok Nature Park: A Guide To This Source Of Perfect Retreat!

bukit batok nature park a guide to this source of perfect retreat

Sumary of Bukit Batok Nature Park: A Guide To This Source Of Perfect Retreat!:

  • The one thing of this that does stand out of the rest is the fact that the Bukit Batok Nature park is that one spot around that is a must visit in this place.
  • Nature Park does date back to quite a long time back but is definitely something that signifies the importance of the place around.
  • About the Bukit Batok Nature Park Image Source The Bukit Batok Nature Park was established on an abandoned quarry site back in 1988. The place is not just known around for its wildlife but is quite a popular spot for viewing the amazingly clear water and takes a stroll around.
  • If you want a peaceful nature walk, this is definitely the one to indulge in.
  • It is spread across an area of 36 hectares in Bukit Batok Nature Park in Singapore and hence gets the name from there only.
  • It is located in close proximity of the Bukit Batok East Avenue 2 and Lorong Sesuai.

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