Burger King Japan’s Shrimp Spicy Ugly Beef Burger isn’t for pretty prawns

burger king japans shrimp spicy ugly beef burger isnt for pretty prawns

Burger King Japan seems to have found looks to be overrated since the the release of their Cheese Ugly Beef Burger. The chain claims that the burger, which gets its name from its cheesy and messy buns, was its top selling item of 2020. As you can imagine, it’s been brought back a few times, including in the from of a particularly saucy Ugly Teriyaki Beef Burger.

The series, which “cares more about taste than appearance”, is rolling on–this time with a hot and garlicy Shrimp Spicy Ugly Beef Burger.

Once again, the burger uses signature handmade four cheese buns with slightly sour Gouda, mild Egmont, slightly sweet Mozzarella, and rich Cheddar cheese layered and baked into them. Topping a 100% beef patty, cheddar cheese, pickles, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and creamy mayonnaise are a healthy serving of plump garlic shrimp slathered in a special spicy sauce.

The Shrimp Spicy Ugly Beef Burger is priced at 890 yen a la carte or 1,190 yen in a set for a limited time.

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