Buy Now, Travel Later Deals, Boat-Sharing Apps, Welcome To ‘Fugging’ And More

buy now travel later deals boat sharing apps welcome to fugging and more

‘The Crown’: Season 4 Locations to Visit


Can’t get enough of Season 4 of The Crown? Many of the locations in acclaimed Netflix series are open to the public—including Kensington Palace, Clarence House and Highgrove—and some allow overnight stays. But remember not to roller skate through Buckingham Palace, like Princess Diana.

The Rise of Boat-Sharing Apps


With cruise vacations at high risk—causing many cruise-line cancellations for early 2021—boat-sharing apps have seen a remarkable rise in bookings and have expanded their fleets. GetMyBoat, the largest boat-sharing service, now has more than 130,000 boats available for rent in some 184 countries. Other brands—including Boatsetter and Click-and-Boat—have also seen their businesses buoyed during the pandemic.

The Best ‘Buy Now, Travel’ Later Deals


Want to give someone you love (or yourself) a gift for 2021? To encourage future vacations, several hotel and travel brands are offering “pay now, travel later” deals, including some that are valid through 2022. Whether you want to visit California, Croatia or Costa Rica, here are some of the best getaways for forward thinkers.


Travel Wise

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Those who ventured out of state for Thanksgiving likely have to remain at home for another week. Here’s a guide to the states that require residents to quarantine after travel.

Mocked Austrian Village Changes Its Name to ‘Fugging’

AFP via Getty Images

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