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Cabin crew secrets: British Airways flight attendants ‘warned off’ promiscuous pilots

British Airways cabin crew have the enviable job of jetting off all around the world for work. While they are based in a plane cabin rather than an office, work etiquette is still very much required. But what happens between pilots and flight attendants when they are away from their ‘desk’? spoke exclusively to a BA cabin crew member to find out more.

The flight attendant, who wished to remain anonymous, explained that while there are no explicit rules banning liaisons between airline staff, pilots come with words of warning.

“During my first year when I’d was meeting other cabin crew, ones that had been there longer, they warned me off getting with pilots,” she said.

“They all said [pilots] have got a reputation and you shouldn’t get yourself involved in it.”

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As with any work romances, it can be an error to get caught up in the rumour mill.

Not only do the pilots sometimes “stick around” but also “everyone talks about it,” the BA flight attendant said.

There was one new cabin crew who “got a name for herself” after performing a sex act on multiple pilots.

“She was kissing them…and definitely she started sleeping with one of them,” said the crew member.


It’s not just the single pilots who get involved in shenanigans, however, and cheating is sadly not uncommon.

“I know a couple of people that have got with other pilots and one of my close friends started talking to one of the pilots and got a lot friendlier with him but he had a girlfriend,” the flight attendant explained.

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