Camel Safari in Gujarat: An Unmissable Experience

camel safari in gujarat an unmissable experience

There is hardly another joy like that of watching a camel fold his front legs and drop to the ground. The thrill of sitting on its back when the droopy-lipped sultan of the desert gets up like a master of locking and popping, is second to none. But when it moves, pressing it soft imprints in the sand, streaking like a river through the landscape and swaying you from side to side—that is quite another experience.

Every year, thousands of travellers and adventure buffs wait with bated breath for the joys and thrills of the vibrant Rann Utsav. The sands of Kutch dance and shimmer with an unrivalled zing throughout the three-month festival. Tourists arrive from far and wide to savour cultural performances, music concerts, and wellness activities—but only those who have taken a camel safari can attest to the thrill one feels on top of the ship of the desert when it paces rhythmically on the seemingly endless crystal salt marsh glimmering under a milky full-moon night, much like Lawrence of Arabia.

If you pick a full-moon evening for your camel ride on the white desert, look out for chir batti: flashing, flickering balls of light dashing across the sky—the locals in the Banni grasslands of Kutch refer to it as a paranormal activity…

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