Camping In Victoria: 10 Best Spots For A Peaceful And Serene Time With Friends

camping in victoria 10 best spots for a peaceful and serene time with friends

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Camping is involved with overnight stays away from a house in a shelter like a tent. It is a kind of outdoor activity which helps you to disconnect from the stressed routine and allows you to connect with nature to boost your pleasure. What about camping in Victoria?

Victoria is a beautiful city in southeast Australia, which has a lot of good places like wineries, surfing beaches, national parks and mountains. The parks in Victoria have some great places to camp and there is something available and unique that fulfills all tastes. Choose your pick from fully serviced sites with luxury tents to remote locations.

Camping In Victoria: 10 Best Spots

Camping in Victoria is an excellent source for having fun, enjoying a vacation and getting the thrill of adventure. Here are our top 10 camping spots in Victoria:

1. The Cathedral Ranges State Park

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Cathedral Ranges is a place where you will find the amazing upturned ridge for seven kilometers. There are three camping options in the Cathedral ranges; one is CooksMill, it has thirty campsites which is suitable for tents and caravans. The next one Ned’s Gully where fifteen sites are available for tents and it is located over the bridge on the Little River Road. The third one is Farmyard, which is free of charge and accessible for hikers to reach the Razorback Ridge Track. The Razorback ridge track gives you the great view of the surroundings. By hiking through the Sugarloaf peak you can land on the highest point which offers you the amazing 360 degree view.

Best time to visit: Spring (September to November)Attractions: Hiking, bushwalking and abseiling.

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