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Cape York off-road bike ride’s a real, red-earth odyssey

Sumary of Cape York off-road bike ride’s a real, red-earth odyssey:

  • As Gary’s other outsiders pass the sizzling hot afternoon sipping chilled white wine under a porch, our team of 12 men and two females stand around sucking lukewarm water out of flasks while a farmhand pumps substance into our large burly filth bikes.
  • Early the next morning experience collections in as we jump headfirst into the Bloomfield Track, a rough-as-guts record path that cuts through the intuition of World Heritage Listed Daintree National Park.
  • When we approach the disreputable Gunshot Pass, the team comes to a halt at what is essentially a 3m vertical drop in the street.
  • Built during the decades to support an apparatu formation that was the only formation of act in Cape York until World War II, The Tele is 100km of filthy, wet, bumpy hell.

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