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CDC: Do Not Travel For Thanksgiving, Here Are Other Covid-19 Coronavirus Precautions To Take

The CDC cautions Americans against travelling for the Thanksgiving holiday next week due to the … [+] continuing rise in Covid-19 coronavirus cases. (Photo by DANIEL SLIM/AFP via Getty Images)

AFP via Getty Images

This year, Thanksgiving may be all about that baste, but not travel.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is now advising you to not travel for the Thanksgiving holiday. The CDC’s “Celebrating Thanksgiving” web page currently says that “travel may increase your chance of getting and spreading Covid-19. Postponing travel and staying home is the best way to protect yourself and others this year.” So when Thanksgiving Day arrives on November 26 next Thursday, one way to take a break from being on Zoom every day is to eat turkey, mashed potatoes, and corn while on Zoom.

That’s because the Covid-19 coronavirus has done the opposite of “go away” after Election Day. Instead, it’s been surging. In the past seven days since you celebrated “National Pizza with the Works Except Anchovies Day” on November 12, the U.S. has had over a million newly reported Covid-19 cases. Yep, the U.S. has controlled the Covid-19 coronavirus about as well as a thong would hold gravy. You should never use a thong to serve liquids, and at this point, you should avoid riding buses, trains, airplanes, hot air balloons, or any other vehicles where it may be tough to stay away from other people.

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