Celebration in Ushuaia: cruise season authorized to begin on 20 October

celebration in ushuaia cruise season authorized to begin on 20 october

Sumary of Celebration in Ushuaia: cruise season authorized to begin on 20 October:

  • The administrative resolution 834/2021 was published in the Official Gazette, triggering immediate satisfaction from Tierra del Fuego province whose governor contacted the Tourism and Sports minister Matías Lammens.
  • Tierra del Fuego governor Gustavo Melella and the head of the provincial Tourism Institute Dante Querciali held a zoon conference with minister Lammens to thank him for his efforts in having the sanitary protocols approved for the progressive opening of cruise activities in Ushuaia.
  • The minister admitted it was not an easy job, but underlined the work and time from all those who helped in the task and even when “the sanitary situation was the priority, we also understood how important it is for the Tierra del Fuego people and their economy, the cruise industry”.
  • He added “thanks for your patience, confidence and support, and remember you will always have an ally in me to continue working in promoting tourism and hopefully we can reap the benefits of a successful 2021/22 cruise season”.
  • Governor Melella also pointed out the work deployed by the Ministry of Health Care and the Strategic Vaccination program in Tierra del Fuego with over 50% of the local population immunized and its significance “in creating a positive sanitary situation”.

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