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Center Parcs holidays: Holidaymakers name the top way to boost staycation & cut costs

Staycations across the UK saw a boom in 2020 as many holidaymakers opted to swap their foreign escapes for a holiday here in Blighty. Center Parcs, like many other holiday parks across the nation, saw a rapid uptick in bookings extending right into the new year.

Although domestic holidays may be on pause amid Boris Johnson’s current lockdown restrictions, the Prime Minister has assured the current rules will be lifted on December 2 in favour of the previous tier system.

As a result, domestic holidays may well be able to resume in time for the festive season.

For those heading one of Center Parcs five UK holiday resorts, it seems there is one item that will not only boost the experience, it could also slash costs.

Holidaymakers who have previously enjoyed a stay at one of the holiday parks weighed in to share their top tips in a Reddit forum.

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Center Parcs does have a cycle centre on-site which allows visitors to rent a bicycle for the duration of their stay, however, this does come at an added cost.

With regards to pricing, one traveller said they were “glad I had my own”.

However, others felt that regardless of cost, renting a bike is a worthy investment.

“Defiantly worth renting a bike unless you bring your own,” added a previous visitor.

The cost of bicycle hire varies depending on the style of bike hired and the size.

Across its parks, Center Parcs offers a wide variety of styles – everything from mountain bikes to trikes.

One holidaymaker recommended branching out and trying something new.

“A tandem is great fun. Had one with my missus,” they recommended.

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