CEO of Kayak’s parent says vaccine passports would make it safer for people to travel

ceo of kayaks parent says vaccine passports would make it safer for people to travel

As more people are immunized against the coronavirus, so-called vaccine passports would make it safer for people to travel, according to Glenn Fogel, the CEO of travel company Booking Holdings.

“I’m not sure why people still object to it, in terms of making it safer for people to travel,” Fogel said in an interview on CNBC’s “The Exchange.”

The Biden administration has indicated that it wants to set up a system of providing documentation of a person’s vaccination status, which can help make it easier to tell who’s protected against the virus and who’s not, but it’s unclear how this will play out. Several airlines have also voiced their support for documenting vaccinations.

However, there are critics of vaccine passports for a number of reasons, ranging from privacy concerns to scientific reasons to equity issues.

On Friday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said vaccinated people are at a “low risk” from travel.

Fogel said he would like to see vaccinated people begin to travel again.

“The industry has been so devastated, travel’s been so hurt by this terrible, tragic crisis, and we need every single thing that can help get [the travel industry] going and is allowing people to travel, because [the vaccines] are absolutely proven to be safe…

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