Check In At The Oldest Hotels In (Nearly) Every Country In The World

check in at the oldest hotels in nearly every country in the world

Sumary of Check In At The Oldest Hotels In (Nearly) Every Country In The World:

  • In the Middle East, the Turks created caravanserai – roadside inns where weary travelers could rest and refresh on their long trade journeys..
  • Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan has been hosting Emperors and Shoguns in its hot springs continuously since 705 AD and has been passed down through an impressive 52 generations of the same family..
  • Built in 1700 along the Silk Road by the Shah Sultan Hasayan mother, it was a caravanserai for traveling caravans on the trade route before being donated to a theological school..
  • It too has a long history tied to one family, the ninth-generation Gooch-Mason family have run The Seaside Inn since 1756 and are so ensconced in Maine lore that their descendants even appear in Kenneth Roberts’ revolutionary war novel, Arundel..
  • From its origins as a 17th Century Anglican Church, it has gone on to become a mansion for famed pirate Captain John Howard Graysmith, a garrison and HQ for the US Navy and in its more recent incarnation, an inn since 1844 where it has played host to everyone from Winston Churchill to the Beatles….

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