Child stopped from boarding flight at last minute after testing positive for coronavirus

child stopped from boarding flight at last minute after testing positive for coronavirus

A child was stopped from boarding a flight in the US at the last minute after heath officials discovered he had tested positive for coronavirus.

The nine-year-old and his mother were at Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport in Maryland, preparing to take a flight to Puerto Rico on 24 November, when they were tracked down by local law enforcement.

It is thought the child’s mother was unaware he had tested positive for Covid-19.

The quick action of a local county health department stopped the pair from potentially spreading the virus further, reports Fox News.

The department contacted the Maryland State Police, who helped track down mother and son at the airport.

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“At 3pm, they were going to potentially board a plane… that was set to depart at 4.15pm,” said Sgt. Travis Nelson.  

“So, we contacted the state law enforcement agency that is at BWI Airport and that aid gave them the names of the individuals and what flight they may be trying to get onto.”

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He added that the fast action potentially avoided a “super spreader event”.

“It was a win in terms of how quickly we could get that type of message and that material in the hands of somebody on the street to prevent a super spreader event from occurring,” he said, “The coordinated effort of all the agencies that allowed that to occur and keep the positive child from boarding a plane to Puerto Rico and potentially exposing everybody.”

The two passengers were located within 45 minutes of the health department making the call.

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