Costa Rica Nightlife Guide: Dance Around The Country With Your Best Heels On!

costa rica nightlife guide dance around the country with your best heels on

Costa Rica lives up to its name, ‘rich coast’, with an array of magical & enriching travel experiences up its sleeve for those heading to its gorgeous shores. Pristine nature awaits you at every bend in the road on this charming country with white sand beaches, exotic wildlife and breathtaking landscapes. Whether you’re soaring over lush rainforests on a zipline, scaling gushing waterfalls, peeking over an active volcano or braving crazy rapids on your raft, Costa Rica promises an endless no-holds-barred adventure. As you gather pretty seashells and memories for a lifetime, make sure to simply sit back, relax and live the simple pure life (pura vida) that Costa Ricans swear by.

Those who want to live it up will be pleasantly surprised by the thriving Costa Rica nightlife that offers a range of options for nocturnal adventures! From wild beach parties to pubs, discos and romantic dinners, we’ve got it all covered with some handy Costa Rica nightlife tips for a smooth sailing.

Here are the spots for nocturnal adventures that match your day time high in this beautiful country!

The capital city offers myriad options for the best nightlife in Costa Rica, from sizzling dance clubs to stylish Irish pubs and hookah bars…

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