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Couple Offer Prize Of Home In The Sun With Raffle Tickets Worth $3.30

Garachico town of Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain


A British couple living on the Spanish island of Tenerife want to move back to the U.K. and they’ve taken an unusual approach to selling their home.

Instead of putting it on the open market at the price of €430,000 ($522,000), they are selling raffle tickets, where the winner will be able to move in to a detached, three-bedroom villa, which the owners are leaving fully furnished.

Gina and Wayne Ironside have lived in the house for the past seven years, moving to the sunny Canary island to raise their two children, while they were small. Originally from South Shields in the north of England, they now wish to return to be closer to family and for the children to go to college in the U.K. as reported by The Local.

“We came to Tenerife mainly for the climate and we thought it was a great place to bring up small children, which it is and we wouldn’t change it for the world, they have had a great childhood here. They have gone to an amazing school,” Gina Ironside said.

The idea to raffle homes is becoming more popular in Spain. In this case, the Ironsides are aiming to sell 230,000 tickets at €2.80 ($3.30) which will give the family €10,000 ($12,000) over the market value of their home, if they sell enough tickets. The additional money is for the furniture inside and the all expenses trip out to Tenerife for the winner to sign for the property.

The Ironsides said that “the extra amount will cover the marketing, advertising and associated purchase costs, plus buyer taxes for the winner.” Gina Ironside added that “a 1% donation will be made to my chosen charity.”


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