Cruises In Victoria: 10 Best Reasons To Celebrate An Enthralling Vacation

cruises in victoria 10 best reasons to celebrate an enthralling vacation

Victoria is located in South East Australia. It is famously known as the Garden State or the Education State of Australia. Furthermore, Victoria is home to many Aboriginal people groups. Victoria is a land with multiple terrains ranging from coastal regions to desert to mountainous regions to grasslands. But what other features make Victoria so special? The city of Melbourne, the Penguin Parade, wine tasting, the great ocean road and gold mining history.

But the best way to truly enjoy is by taking grand cruises in Victoria . Choose from different types of cruises ranging from wildlife tours to luxury tours. This is the best way to spend much time with friends or family in a hassle free and less tiring manner.

Top 10 Cruises In Victoria

Cruises in Victoria are a top item to experience luxury, have fun and enjoy a satisfying vacation. So, here is a list of the top cruises:

1. Yarra River Cruises

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The Yarra River Cruises is an amazing trip across the Yarra River and through Melbourne. This comes in 3 packages:

Cruise A: Get the chance to travel to the port of Melbourne and see various landmarks on the way such as Southgate, Melbourne Aquarium, World Trade Centre and Crown Casino (the largest casino in Australia).

Cruise B: Opt for a journey to Herring Island and visit landmarks such as the Melbourne Cricket Ground and the Royal Botanic Gardens. This cruise explores the quieter parts of Melbourne.

1-hour sightseeing cruise: For people with a tight schedule.New Year’s Eve Cruise: The best New Years’ Eve Party in Melbourne.

Cost: First 3 packages: $12 – $60New Year’s Eve Cruise: $185Best Timings: First 3 packages: All year roundNew Year’s Eve Cruise: 31st December

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