December U.S. Travel Restrictions By State–Christmas Quarantine And Covid-19 Test Requirements

december u s travel restrictions by state christmas quarantine and covid 19 test requirements

Risk levels of Covid-19 outbreaks across the U.S.–burgundy states show severe outbreaks, red states … [+] show active or imminent outbreaks.

Covid Act Now

Travel restrictions have hardened across the U.S. over the past two weeks just as the demand for travel has increased. Christmas travel is expected to be much bigger than Thanksgiving, so whilst these restrictions are subject to change on a week-by-week basis, they provide a guide to current restrictions in each state.

Travel restrictions are still getting tighter across the U.S. the number of states with travel restrictions has increased (from 18 to 22). California, Minnesota, Oregon and Washington State more recently implemented state-wide travel restrictions. 28 states still don’t have any travel restrictions in place, even with some of the highest infection rates in the country (for example, North Dakota). as rates of infection climbed across the U.S., so too has the number of states being placed onto “high risk” lists–in many cases, only visitors from Hawaii can now arrive into any state unimpeded. many states with travel restrictions already in place tightened their restrictions from November to December (such as moving from voluntary to mandatory quarantine and asking for proof of a negative PCR test). there is still no uniformity across the travel restrictions which are in place–some quarantines are voluntary, some mandatory. Some require negative Covid-19 tests as a way to be released from self-isolation, some ask for the full fourteen days, regardless. whilst some st

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