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Distance And Longing: Mid-Century Modern Scottsdale On Sale

There’s something about Arizona that evokes the great American road trip of the 1950s. Maybe it’s those long desert roads with nothing but the horizon in sight. Maybe it is the mark that Mid-Century Modernism made on the state—its own particular brand of Atomic cool. 

Green van driving on the Highway 163 in the Monument Valley between Utah and Arizona during a bright … [+] blue day. Car in motion.


After all, the road trip was nurtured in the era of Mad Men: a time when roadside attractions, motels and motorways were all thriving.

Robert Plant’s vintage MTV music video for his song, “Big Log” evokes those images: a beautiful woman, a vintage car with tail fins, a gas station at twilight, a hotel pool and lyrics about distance and longing: something travel-craving social isolationists can dream about.

This week, two hotels in Scottsdale, Arizona are putting those vibes on a pre-Thanksgiving sale.

Both The Hotel Valley Ho and The Mountain Shadows Resort will let road trippers book two nights and get the third night free through Benchmark Hospitality’s grab-it-now deal, something style and architecture-obsessed travelers with a penchant for sunsets, gas stations at twilight and midnight swims in turquoise pools will want to book.

Hotel Valley Ho, Scottsdale, AZ

Courtesy of Benchmark Properties (@igbridgham)


The Hotel Valley Ho and Mountain Shadows Resort are restored gems from the heyday of Mid-Century Modernism. The Hotel Valley Ho (whose very logo evokes tiki lounges and Ray Ban Wayfarers) was built in 1956.

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