Distracted Parents: Driving With Your Kids Can Help You Avoid Technology Behind The Wheel

distracted parents driving with your kids can help you avoid technology behind the wheel

A new survey has found that parents are less likely to be distracted by technology when behind the … [+] wheel when their children are in the car.

National Safety Council

The top three distractions for drivers are texts, phone calls and children in the backseat, but in what may seem counter intuitive, nearly all parents altered their driving behavior and were less likely to be distracted by technology — GPS, music devices, phone or looking at notifications — when their children were in the car.  

Those are the highlights of a new survey of parents released last month by the National Safety Council, a nonprofit advocacy group. The results were announced in advance of Distracted Driving Awareness Month, observed every April to recognize and bring attention to the importance of being attentive when driving and the dangers of distraction.

“The harsh reality is that thousands lose their lives each year in crashes where distracted driving plays a role,” Lorraine Martin, president and chief executive of the National Safety Council, said in a statement. “We should all drive as though we have a loved one in our car on every trip, every time…

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