Dreamland Beach: A Travel Guide To The Hidden Bali Land Of Elysium!

dreamland beach a travel guide to the hidden bali land of elysium

Dreamland Beach is one of the more unknown beaches in Bali. While there are many more famous beaches that line the coastline of Bali, for those of us who know about this amazing beach, Dreamland Beach is held as one of the best in all of Bali.

This beach is quite popular among those who know of the existence of this amazing beach. While that number itself is not a very large number, the small beach is regularly thronged with quite a lot of people, as the waves are just great for surfing. The beach also features a certain rugged charm that has enthralled a lot of people, with the beach regularly attracting a lot of day-trippers and surfers, who come here for both the great waves and the warm sand, great for relaxing and sunbathing, getting a nice tan on one’s skin.

There is no absolute best time to visit the Dreamland Beach, as it features quite good weather throughout the year. The months of April, all the way up to June, have the least rain (if that is what one is after), and thus attract the most crowds. These months usually have the beach jam packed, with people playing in the Dreamland Beach surf, sunbathing on the warm sand and even playing beach volleyball…

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