Drunken Monkey’s Summer Smoothies To Cool Off With

drunken monkeys summer smoothies to cool off with

Spring is springing and summer is just around the corner. Why beat the summer heat with a frozen treat or a cold beverage when you can relax with a tasty and healthy treat? Start off your morning with some of our favourite summer smoothies from Drunken Monkey’s dizzying variety of juices and shakes. Looks like it’s time to put your smoothie-making skills to the test!

NutcaseThis blend was designed to surprise health nuts with surprisingly great taste. A combination of a variety of superfoods, this smoothie is packed with nutritious goodies, making it a quick, simple, filling, and nutritious breakfast on the run!

What you needDatesFigsAlmondsCashews10% Dairy 

Sexy SpinachA nutrient-rich combination of protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals in each sip, whip up this easy spinach smoothie for a quick energy boost.

What you needSpinachGreen GrapesCucumberLimeMintChia Seeds

Watermelon MagicDeliciously refreshing, this two-ingredient watermelon smoothie is ideal for breakfast or a post-workout snack. Hydrating and invigorating this slushie is otherworldly in its smooth texture, juicy sweetness, refreshing flavour.

Smoothie BowlsLooking to upgrade your traditional smoothie? Well, smoothie bowls are the next big trend! Play around with flavours and then top it off with your favorite fruits and other crunchy goodies like cereal and nuts…

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