Dubai Monuments: Blended List Of 8 Enchanting Old And New Monuments In The City!

dubai monuments blended list of 8 enchanting old and new monuments in the city

Emerging as one of the most popular destinations amongst travelers, Dubai is like an independent-city in itself. Showcasing a perfect amalgamation of sandy desert and cosmopolitan city, Dubai reflects a vibrant lifestyle, mighty sky-high scrapers, scrumptious delicacies, and majestic monuments that lay down the history. Dubai monuments muse on the architectural and historical heritage of the city. Unlike most of the other admired cities in the world, Dubai not only takes pride in the ancient construction of monuments. Many of the city’s monumental masterpieces were built in recent years with contemporary architecture prototypes.

With diversity in culture in terms of fashion, music and gastronomic delicacies, Dubai experiences a unique and vivacious vibe. From shopaholic’s hub and thrill-seekers focal point to foodie’s paradise and family vacationers, Dubai has all kinds of experiences hidden in its lap for every soul. To make your way around the cultural diversity of this city unchallenging, we have crafted a list of five iconic monuments of Dubai that you can add to your bucket list for your next city tour.

Dubai is not just a city of trendy nightlife and surreal desert safaris…

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