Ecotourism In India: 10 States That Are Encouraging Responsible Travel In 2021!

ecotourism in india 10 states that are encouraging responsible travel in 2021

With more traveling comes bigger responsibility! The sooner we understand this, the better it is for us and nature around. Ecotourism in India might not be a very popular terminology, but those who care about it are doing their bit to conserve country’s natural heritage, even if it’s one baby step at a time. Being aware of small changes, promoting the lesser developed areas, and upholding the traditions and culture of the place are our responsibilities as a traveler. Let’s begin with delving slightly deeper into how ecotourism in India is shaping up and making its presence felt in popular as well as lesser explored destinations in India.

Ecotourism works towards the conservation of nature and biodiversity. It also promotes responsible travel, which can be initiated by minimum destruction, environmental growth, adventure, and preaching sustainable ways of living on the planet.

In the process, ecotourism glorifies offbeat places, their rich culture, and centuries-old traditions. The advantages are many; we as a traveler get to live moments, and nature as a whole gets to live!

Intentionally, nobody likes stressing nature while trying to destress themselves but a reality check is much needed…

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