Enjoy a virtual Shikoku Pilgrimage experience with the ‘Ohenro Walking’ App

enjoy a virtual shikoku pilgrimage experience with the ohenro walking app

Put your hiking boots on and get ready to experience the Shikoku Pilgrimage from your local area with the virtual pilgrimage experience “Ohenro Walking” app.

The phone application allows users to explore the Shikoku Pilgrimage from their current location without the need to physically travel to Shikoku – which during times like the present, is a great alternative to traveling across the country.

The app offers step counting and burnt-calorie tracking, so you can use it to maintain your health. Any health data can be shared via email in CSV or Text format. The app even works alongside the new iOS 14 update with a widget that shows your current step-count.

Progress along the map in real-time and discover each sacred place along the pilgrimage. Information about each important location will appear as you “reach” them along the route. Additionally, the app utilises street view for an augmented reality experience of the streets of Shikoku.

Manage your daily health using the app’s recorded daily steps and calorie burner graphs.

The app works immediately, which means that after installation, you can enjoy exploring the Shikoku Pilgrimage trail from wherever you are. Choose a cute avatar and watch your journey progress as the application utilises your phone’s pedometer to record daily step counts along the ‘virtual’ route.

Immerse yourself in the journey with the i

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