Ethiopia: Two Genre Heritages – Mirroring Ethiopia Ordnances

ethiopia two genre heritages mirroring ethiopia ordnances

One is really tired of listing what Ethiopia does naturally possess. Yes, the tangible and the intangible heritages with which the country is bedecked have granted it a majestic look and additional money comes to the country’s economy thanks to tourists and investors for expending dosh.

The increase in consumption of products by tourists at various centers, growth of investment appeal of the local tourist industry are undoubtedly resulted from the growing number of tourists, whose confidence has been won by the tangible ones like cultural legacy centers, monuments, hewn churches or caves, historical sites, astounding landscapes and the like which mainly require conservation and restoration measures as well as the intangible ones including customs, oral traditions, music, languages, poetry, dance, festivities, religious ceremonies, traditional knowledge systems among others.

The advancement of tourism in the nation calls for creation of new approaches with a view to buttressing the industry. As a result, the Ethiopian Government has attached due emphasis to the construction of lodges, resorts, hotels, catering establishments, and other related facilities to modernize and increase productivity, efficiency of existing resources, fostering transportation and other infrastructure which do have a direct bearing to the flourishing of tourism industry…

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