Experience Estonia Nightlife At Its Best By Visiting These 15 Places

experience estonia nightlife at its best by visiting these 15 places

Estonia, a Northern European country, is known for all things good. It is considered as one of the developed countries of the world with a booming economy that is constantly on an upward spiral. The country is also remarkable for the civil liberties it accords to its citizens such as universal health care and free education.

Moreover, Estonia is noteworthy for its rich cultural heritage that has been shaped by centuries of German, Swedish, Danish, Polish and Russian rule. Yet, a distinctive Estonian identity stands out. For instance, the Singing Revolution that started in 1987 as a non-violent resistance to Soviet rule, and ultimately proved successful, is lauded the world over for its uniqueness.

No doubt then, that Estonia attracts a large number of tourists from across the world. Such is the diversity of this land that it has something to offer to every kind of traveller, be it the humble backpacker or the family on a vacation. It is a treasure trove of breathtaking sceneries, austere beaches, age-old castles and churches, and no surprise, a vibrant nightlife that will fade out all your blues. Estonia nightlife is renowned across the globe for its liveliness and culture…

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