Experience Tahiti’s Wild Side Through The Eyes Of Her First Female Nature Guide

experience tahitis wild side through the eyes of her first female nature guide

Most people associate Tahiti with sun, sand, sea, overwater bungalows and, of course, romance. But the island with its rugged topography of soaring peaks, plummeting waterfalls and near vertical cliffs is draped in a jungle of verdancy that beckons to be explored. Though thrill-seekers may clamor for an adrenaline-inducing experience, there are myriad options for those desiring something a little more chill, if they know where to look — or who to ask. Tackling trails and routes with a skilled nature guide offers numerous advantages, including the opportunity to learn about Tahiti’s rich cultural history as well as botanical delights. I’ve hiked all over the world and was surprised to find out that Tahiti has a dearth of female nature guides. Gisele Moana Tromeur, who works with Mato-Nui Excursions, is the first. I recently spoke with her about some of her favorite venues that will not only offer adventures for all skill levels but will also allow visitors to tap into the very heart of Tahiti.

I wanted to pass along my passion for botany and culture, share my knowledge and protect the environment. For me, it’s about defending nature and ensuring that it prospers under our protection…

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