Expressing Love By Art: How We Celebrated The Season Of Love

expressing love by art how we celebrated the season of love

As the winter draws to a close and the weather warms up, it is love in the air that replaces the winter chill. And this season – the season of love – is generally marked by sweet humming of birds, buzzing of bees, and people falling in love. However, scientists associate the ‘love sickness’ with dopamine; a chemical locha in the brain used to make you want things. And one such desire is that of a great workplace, with a job that one loves.

With the same idea in mind, TravelTriangle decided to celebrate the ‘season of love’ by giving the employees a chance to express their love for their team & work on the pillars. The event was a huge hit among the employees – the Triangulars – who brought out their creative sides as they poured out their emotions on the pillars.

As it happened: The Pillar Design Contest
550 employees, 24 teams, 1 theme

The central theme was aimed to highlight the things that the employees loved about the work or their team. Each team was allotted a pillar to paint. And the results were truly unpredictable.

One of the winning entries was that of the Sikkim-and-Andaman team, which showcased their common love for food & nature through the art on their pillar…

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