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Flight attendant says ‘swimming in trainers’ is ‘life-changing’ packing tip

Sumary of Flight attendant says ‘swimming in trainers’ is ‘life-changing’ packing tip:

  • How many times youve realised after a trip that you didnt wear half of the clothes you packed? Miguel shared his number one tip: I always wear the biggest jumper and carry the coat with me on the plane, so I have that extra space in the suitcase.
  •  Flight attendant shares genius hack to carry extra bag for free Perhaps bring one pair of flip flops that you can use for everything: to go to the beach, to the swimming pool, to have showers, to go for a walk…
  • The flight attendant also revealed his secret method to maximise the space in the suitcase: clothes pouches, also known as packing cubes.
  • Flight attendant Miguel Muñoz exclusively shared with some of his best packing tips.

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