Flights: Expert unveils passenger rights if a flight is delayed or cancelled after Brexit

flights expert unveils passenger rights if a flight is delayed or cancelled after brexit

Flights can be cancelled or delayed for various reasons, all of which are highly frustrating to passengers eager to get home or jet off to their holiday destination. Luckily, travellers are entitled to certain rights – and these don’t appear to be changing now Brexit is done and dusted. However, it’s important you know what these rights are.

Nick Cooper, Head of Market UK at travel search platform HolidayPirates shared his travel advice with

According to a previous survey of more than 6,600 European holidaymakers by HolidayPirates, 75 percent of British jet-setters claim to know their passenger rights with regard to delays, cancellations, and overbooked flights.

However, when these folk were quizzed about specifics, the vast majority were actually in the dark.

“It is important for all consumers to understand The Flight Compensation Regulation 261/2004, which is a regulation in EU law establishing common rules on compensation and assistance to passengers in the event of denied boarding, flight cancellations, or long delays of flights,” said Cooper.

The good news is that Brexit is not set to disrupt this now the UK has left the EU.

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“For British citizens, these laws were part of the EU Withdrawal Act passed in 2018 – which means they are part of British law and will be upheld for the foreseeable futurea unless the government decides to change them (although there have been no indications that this will occur as of yet),” Cooper explained.

So, how do you go about complaining and seeking compensation for a delayed or cancelled flight?

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