Fountain’s $1.2 Million 47 Lightning Satisfies The Need For Speed, In Retro-Style

fountains 1 2 million 47 lightning satisfies the need for speed in retro style

The latest version of the Fountain 47 Lightning can reach speeds of up to 125 mph!

Courtesy of Fountain Powerboats

North Carolina-based boatbuilder Fountain Powerboats, founded by offshore racing champ Reggie Fountain, caused quite a stir at last year’s Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show by showcasing the latest iteration of the stunning 47 Lightning go-fast vessel. The speedster revivifies a classic twin-stepped hull approach that was a fixture on the performance racing circuit back in the day, but updates the engineering, and the blistering performance, for leisure boaters seeking new thrills on the water. This is the first time the Fountain twin-stepped hull has been revisited in over a decade.

Now under the auspices of Iconic Marine Group, Fountain’s products, especially in its Performance series, build on the heritage of the brand with thrill-seeking, poker-run participating, race-proven sheer-speed craft with uncanny smoothness, safety and superb handling. Fountain also builds outstanding center console cruisers, fishing craft and performance models, as well as outboard-equipped racing catamarans.

In this new Lightning build, the aero/hydrodynamics of the classic Fountain positive-lift, double-step hull marry cutting-edge bonded composite, “no-wood,” stable high-density sides and deck construction that can more than match the thoroughly modern Mercury Racing power plant options available: Engine options that can rocket this vessel to speeds approaching 125 mph…

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