France To Reopen Borders On 9 June To Non-EU Travelers: What You Need To Know

france to reopen borders on 9 june to non eu travelers what you need to know

France will reopen borders on 9 June to international travelers


President Emmanuel Macron laid out a plan for the reopening of France Thursday, which will allow U.S. and other international travelers to visit the country for the first time in over a year. Here is what you need to know:

France will come out of lockdown in four key stages

Starting 3 May, schools will reopen on a part-time basis for students but shops and eateries/bars will remain shut. On 19 May, bars and restaurants can serve outside (up to 6 people maximum on each table) and shops and cultural places can open but a curfew will remain in place until 9pm. On 9 June, foreign tourists are allowed to visit and the curfew will be extended to 11pm. The final phase, as reported by Le Parisien, is due to happen on 30 June, when the curfew will end and larger groups of people will be allowed to congregate at cultural and sporting events.

Foreign visitors are allowed to travel to France on 9 June with a Pass Sanitaire

As reported by The Local, all non-EU visitors will be allowed to enter France for any reason–including family visits, tourism and visits from second-home owners…

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