Google Maps Street View: Man adopts bizarre position in garden scene

google maps street view man adopts bizarre position in garden scene

Google Maps Street View often catches people when they least expect it. However, increasingly locals are setting up scenes for the entertainment of Google Maps viewers.

That is, of course, until you notice one local resident who has taken a rather rigid stance on top of his own mailbox.

The man, dressed in red shorts and a white T-shirt can be seen laying on top of his traditional, green mailbox.

With his arms by his side and legs stuck outwards, the male appears to be completely rigid.

Despite being seemingly aware of the Google camera, he keeps his eyes firmly glued downwards towards the green grass of his front lawn.

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Behind him, a lawnmower can be seen, suggesting the man was in such a hurry to take his funny position, he abandoned his chores for the day.

Reddit users who happened upon the image have concluded he was taking part in a viral trend.

According to Google Maps, the picture was snapped in 2011…

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