Google Maps Street View: Man caught in private moment by Google cameras

google maps street view man caught in private moment by google cameras

Google Maps Street View was originally developed as a way of allowing users an on-the-ground look at streets around the world. This was particularly aimed at helping people find their way around.

However, as the years have gone by, users have noticed another ability of the mapping tool.

The virtual software, which uses three-dimensional cameras to snap photos of streets around the world, often captures some rather unexpected moments for both viewers and the people involved in the scene.

One such moment occurred in Chicago, Illinois, and caught the attention of on Google Maps user who shared the scene to Reddit.

The situation unfolds on what appears to be a rather warm day.

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Many of the men are covering their faces with their hands or with baseball hats which they have removed, in order to conceal their identity.

However, for one man it seems he was too involved in a rather private moment to take note of the camera going by.

The man is standing facing thee brick wall of a house.

From his position and the way his arm is placed, it appears he is urinating against the wall.

Luckily, his identity is concealed as he is facing away from the camera.

Regardless of whether he had been looking or not, though, Google’s privacy policy works to ensure no people captured by the cameras can be identified.

The software does this by blurring any human faces detected in post-production.

Users can also contact Google to request certain things are blurred should Google’s technology miss something.

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