Google’s New HDR+ With Bracketing Photo Processing Cleverness

googles new hdr with bracketing photo processing cleverness

Google HDR+ with Bracketing example, shot on a Pixel 4A 5G.


One of the main reasons I’ve stuck with Pixel phones over the last few years has been the quality of the photos. Sure, other phones have offered higher resolutions, more advanced sensors, but thanks to Google’s clever processing, the quality of the images from the Pixel’s camera have been among the best you can get. Which as a photographer, that’s key.

They keep tweaking that processing, and the latest update is interesting enough (to me anyway) to warrant a blog diving into it, recently by them and now by me. But before we get to that, lets talk about HDR in general, since it’s everywhere.

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. Dynamic range itself is the difference between the darkest parts of an image and the brightest. HDR means two different things whether you’re talking about HDR for cameras or HDR for TVs. I’ve written about that difference before. The short version is that HDR for cameras combines multiple pictures with different exposures to create a single image that appears to have a greater dynamic range than what any single image could achieve…

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