GoPro Media Mod Review: A Useful Accessory For Vloggers And More

gopro media mod review a useful accessory for vloggers and more


Action cams are great. I love the idea of having a tiny camera that can fit in my pocket that’s ready to go no matter what the adventure. In the case of the Hero9 Black, that also includes excellent image stabilization and surprisingly good image quality. There are a few situations where it needs a bit of help, and that’s where the Media Mod comes in. 

The Media Mod is a plastic case that wraps around your Hero9. They also have a version for the Hero8. On it there are two cold shoe mounts, a mic input, an HDMI output, and USB-C since the Hero9’s own is now covered. Most importantly, there’s a built-in mic.

The Media Mod snaps onto the Hero9 securely, after you remove the camera’s battery door. The bottom of the case is open, leaving revealed the fold-away mounts of the Hero9. Rubber buttons on the top and side press the corresponding buttons on the camera. There’s an included wind shield for the microphone. The plastic feels fairly sturdy, but not nearly as strong as the Hero9 itself feels. 

The main test, of course, is for the built-in mic. This is going to vary a bit depending on your surroundings, but in my testing I found the Media Mod mic to highlight my voice better from the background, though with a bit less heft than the camera’s own mics…

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