Great Wall Of China: The Complete Travel Guide For First Time Visitors In 2021

great wall of china the complete travel guide for first time visitors in 2021

The Great Wall of China is on everybody’s bucket list. Over 10 million tourists visit one of the seven wonders of the world every year. The Chinese Name of the Great Wall of China is Wan Li Chang Cheng which literally means ‘the long wall of 10,000 miles’. It is amongst the costliest developments on the planet. Instead of being one long unbroken wall, it is built up of various diverse segments.

The Great Wall of China length is around 6300 km. If the length can be measured from all the distinct segments of the wall, the distance is approx. 22000 km. In December 1987, The Great Wall of China turned into a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Wall has been constructed by over 1 million people.

The Ming Dynasty was the most important rebuilder of the walls. They completed it with fortifications, watchtowers, and cannons to much better shield their subjects from their invaders. The legend goes that a mythical dragon hunted down the course of the Great Wall of China for the workforce. In spite of general belief, the Great Wall of China can’t be seen from the moon without help.

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There are various myths and truths about the Wall and certain misleading facts have led many to believe in the wrong statements…

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