‘Green islands’ may offer summer escape, transport secretary says

green islands may offer summer escape transport secretary says

Individual islands in Spain, Portugal, Greece and elsewhere could earn “green list” status when the government reveals its “traffic light” categories next month.

At present arrivals to the UK from all overseas countries except Ireland must take a pre-departure test and self-isolate for 10 days with two post-arrival PCR tests.

But the government says that from 17 May at the earliest it will given destinations green, amber or red status depending on the perceived risk of importation of coronavirus.

A green rating means arrivals will need to take only one pre-departure and post-arrival test, and will not need to quarantine.

Until now ministers have talked only of whole countries and refused to say whether islands could be in a different category to the mainland.

The transport secretary, Grant Shapps, has now said that he wants to continue the “islands approach” that was eventually adopted by the UK in September 2020.

Until mandatory quarantine for all arrivals was brought back, it meant visitors to some Spanish, Portuguese and Greek islands did not need to self-isolate on return to the UK.

“I want to do that again,” Mr Shapps told an online ConservativeHome event…

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