Have A Safe Trip: These Tips And Strategies Actually Work

have a safe trip these tips and strategies actually work

These strategies will help you have a safer vacation.


With the summer travel season just ahead, people can’t stop talking about how to have a safe trip.

But that’s the thing: Talk is cheap. What actually works?

“As the COVID-19 vaccine becomes more widely available, the rules for travel continue to shift,” says Eugene Delaune, an emergency physician and medical director for travel insurance provider Allianz Partners. “With summer soon approaching and everyone itching with the travel bug, you’ll want to feel confident when you take that first post-lockdown trip.”

Here’s what Jan Howell is doing. She had to cancel a trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, last year. She rescheduled her vacation for next month.

“My health insurance covers me out of the country,” she says. “I have a Medjet membership to get me moved home if I’m hospitalized. But I also purchased, for the first time ever, a policy through my timeshare company that covers everyone coming to visit me and the cost of additional condo or hotel time if someone gets sick or tests positive and has to stay longer.”

Howell, a retired nurse, says she’s doing other things to keep her and her party “extra safe…

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