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Hawaii: Hotels Will Offer You A Free Night’s Stay In Exchange For This

Taro farm in Hanalei, Kauai. Many volunteer opportunities take place on taro farms.


Many destinations are trying to reimagine themselves post-Covid. Perhaps none more so than Hawaii.

After being closed down to visitors for the entire summer, Hawaii reopened with a pre-arrival testing program on October 15th. Now, about a month later, they’ve announced the new direction of the State’s tourism plan, known as “Malama Hawaii,” that aims to bring a different kind of traveler to the islands.

“Malama Hawaii is more than a promotion or campaign, it’s the direction in which our brand is headed,” said Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau President and CEO John Monahan. “Our goal is to attract mindful visitors who will leave Hawaii better than when they arrived. By doing so, visitors will experience a deeper connection and a vacation that really becomes more meaningful to them.” 

A New Kind of Visitor

The relationship between locals and visitors in Hawaii has always been sensitive.

In a nutshell, the argument historically has been that there’s just too many visitors (approximately 10 million a year before the pandemic), and the massive footprint of those collective visitors usually disrupts local life in some way, be it traffic, crowded beaches, trash, reef damage, etc.

The old adage is that tourists come to Hawaii and simply “take,” treating the islands like their own personal amusement park instead of the living, breathing, complex, cultural destination it is.


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